Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Below are the Terms and Conditions that apply to our website (Cellrescue.com). These terms encompass our services for mobile repair, and they also apply to transactions carried out via our physical stores.


• All names of our brands, products, services, and processes mentioned on CellRescue.com are termed ‘trademarks’ of their respective holders. Any use or references made to any of these products, services, or processes, does not imply endorsement, affiliation, recommendation, approval, or sponsorship of that product, service, or process by CellRescue.com. Nothing here shall be construed or interpreted as conferring by implication or otherwise any license or right controlled by any copyright, trademark, patent, or other types of intellectual property right of CellRescue.com or a third party, apart from what is exclusively granted herein.

• Additionally, Cellrescue.com and its service outlets have no affiliation or association with Apple. ‘Apple’, ‘iPhone’, 'iPad', and ‘iPod’, are trademarks of Apple, which is registered in the U.S. as well as other countries.

o When your device is opened up for repair, your device may not be entitled to Apple’s warranty. Opening your device up may void or restrict the scope of Apple's warranty for your device.

Use of Site CellRescue.com aims to identify and fix your device. CellRescue.com will attempt to diagnose device issues, and offer an estimate of applicable service fees before providing you a professional in-store device repair solution or a mail-in repair service solution.

These are Your Responsibilities as a Customer:

You understand/acknowledge, comply and agree that before getting in touch with or permitting diagnosis, repair or other services on your electronic device, through Cellrescue.com, you are responsible for backing-up software, data, information or any other files that may be stored on your phone cards, storage devices, computer disks, phone cards, and/or drives. You agree/ acknowledge that under no circumstances shall CellRescue.com bear responsibility for any corruption or loss of software and/or data.

Liability Limitations, Service Limitations to service:

CellRescue.com reserves the right to refuse provision of any or all services requested, and may refund your payment, partially or completely, based on your technical needs or other requirements that may be irregular, unusual or extensive and may exceed the scope of service agreement as governed in accordance with what is determined to be reasonable by Cellrescue.com.

Force Majeure:

Cellrescue.com may choose to discontinue services or not provide services, if circumstances are beyond the control of Cellrescue.com, or if you impair Cellrescue.com’s ability to deliver services.

Limitation of Liability:

As permitted by law, you agree that CellRescue.com’s total liability for damages in relation to its services is limited to the total amount you pay for repairing your device. You also agree to release CellRescue.com from liability for any type of incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damages. CellRescue.com shall not be liable for loss, corruption, or alteration of any of your data on your device. Texas Sales Tax, unless you are exempted from it, sales tax will be applicable and will be charged on all orders that are being shipped to Texas or placed within our store.


Cellrescue.com ensures that your private and personal information is secure. At the time of making a purchase at our site, you will feed in details such as your name, credit card information, mailing address, email address, phone number, and a password. This information is used for processing your orders, and also to deliver updates to you regarding your order status.

Website Accuracy:

We aim to achieve accuracy in our product descriptions, links, images, pictorials, graphs, videos, as well as all other content displayed on our website. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information listed on our website, nor do we take responsibility for errors, which may be a result of human error or other factors/influences.

We exercise the right to cancel or refuse any order and/or correct inaccurate information per our discretion.

Cellrescue.com Service Warranty

We aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, but we realize that at some point, you may not be satisfied with our repair services. Please call (832-328-1100) or email our team at support@CellRescue.com for resolution of any outstanding issues.

We offer a warranty of 90 days following the date of repairing your device. You must retain your receipt in order to avail the warranty. If you experience issues with services offered by CellRescue.com that are deemed to be due to our workmanship or defective components, we assure you of our efforts to work towards resolving problems swiftly and without any additional cost. Our warranty does not encompass accidental or liquid-incurred damage to the device prior to or after repair. Accidental damage or liquid shall void any CellRescue.com warranty.

We will charge $30 as diagnostic charges.